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Communication Enterprises (CE), Brisbane's Trusted Voice/Data Solutions Provider.

Established in 1976, CE is a Queensland based company specialising in telecommunication products and services.

At CE it is our policy to commit ourselves to quality by striving to surpass our customer's expectations with our exceptional dedication to service.

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M. Headset - TriStar In-Ear
The TriStar is the ultimate over-the-ear design, giving you all-day comfort plus unshakeable three-point stability. With four different sized earbuds, the TriStar can be custom fitted to just about anyone.


M12 Modular Amplifier
The M12 connects any Plantronics H series telephone headset to your telephone. It allows you to control your audio quality and features an attractive, ergonomic design.


MX10 Multimedia Amplifier
The MX10 works with a variety of Plantronics telephone headsets and allows you to communicate with both your telephone and PC. It’s ideal for use with speech recognition software, computer based training or desktop conferencing.


P10 Two Prong Amplifier
The P10 is a two-prong adapter which works with a variety of Plantronics telephone headsets and brings handsfree convenience to your telephone.

S10 Telephone Headset System
The S10 is a complete headset solution for the SOHO professional, combining a convertible headset with noise-cancelling microphone and a fully-featured amplifier.

S12 Telephone Headset System
Enjoy a professional, effective hands-free communication from your home or small office with Plantronics S12 Telephone Headset System. A noise cancelling microphone ensures clear conversations, and the convertible 2-in-1 headset provides mobility, comfort and flexibility for your busy schedule

Switcher Unit - B10
The B10 is used with headsets that connect directly to telephones, allowing you to switch between your headset and handset. Also with mute control.

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